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Friday, August 28, 2015

Paper Scrapbooking: Step by Step for beginners to create a simple scrapbook

So, you've seen those gorgeous scrapbook layouts in the craft store window, a recent magazine, or on tv and you've decided it's time to give it a try, well good for you! You've taken the right first step by reading this article, because this article is all about scrapbooking for beginners! You don't need to be ‘artsy’ to make a scrapbook, all you need is the desire to be the memory keeper and recorder of your family’s favorite activities, special moments, and everyday occurrences. It’s not difficult or expensive to get started either!

Beginning scrapbookers will need:
Paper (8.5x11 or 12x12 inch)
Scissors (or a paper trimmer)
Black pen (for journaling)
Adhesive (tape, glue dots, tape runner)
Embellishments (flowers, ribbon, stickers, charms, etc)
Album (you can get this now or later on once you have some pages finished)

Be sure your paper, pen, adhesive, and embellishments are acid and lignin free (this should not be a problem, especially in the scrapbooking section of the store). What acid and lignin free mean is that the product won’t cause your photos to yellow/fade, or degrade/disintegrate. If you are going to go through the trouble to make a beautiful scrapbook, it’s worth it to use acid and lignin free products to help preserve your work for generations to enjoy!
The next step for beginning scrapbookers is putting the photos and embellishments onto the paper. There’s really no right or wrong way to do this, but if you need some inspiration you can look for beginning scrapbooker’s layout books and magazines. Also think about using an eye-catching ad in a magazine as a template; or really check out the way your cereal box looks (or any food container) – all the components are there, a photo of a person, some bright colors, a few words, an embellishment or two, all making a great layout! The internet is also a great place to look for layout inspiration! And if you have a lot of photos, considering creating a 2-page spread (two layouts that come together to make a cohesive story about a single event).

Contributing factors to a great layout include:
One or more photos
A title
Some journaling and a date
Color coordination with photos, papers, and embellishments

A great tip for beginning scrapbookers is to think of each layout as having a theme. That helps me think about what really belongs on my page with my photographs. If I have a layout of my daughter’s birthday and I find a super cute embellishment of a mermaid, I’m probably going to wait and use it on another page. Another great tip for beginning scrapbookers is to keep paper and embellishment choices in the same color scheme as the colors in my photo. Most of my daughter’s birthday was pink with princesses, so I kept all the papers in various shades of pink and used embellishments such as flowers, ribbons, and crowns.

Now-a-days we can even scrapbook using our computer! With any photo manipulation software beginning scrapbookers can leave the mess of glue, paper, and photos spread all over the desk, and create layouts digitally. Digital layouts can be printed and placed in an album, put into a digital album and sent to family and friends, or even uploaded to an online scrapbooking website that will print your layouts and bind them into a personalized book! Digital scrapbooking is convenient, easy to personalize, and easy to preserve!

Whatever way you choose to preserve your memories, remember to have fun and enjoy it. Beginning scrapbooking can seem like a big job, but it is also a lot of fun, so don’t feel pressured! Not every photo you take or own has to be put into a layout, and not every moment of everyday has to be journaled about. Enjoy your new hobby and use the inspiration that is all around you!


TLI74 said...

I use whatever i had the first time i started. Then learned to add on tons and tons lol. I have so many trimmers now it is sick. Love and hate them. Love glue dots for everything. Sticky red tape OMG great for projects that need to be stuck forever. I was never a fan of dotti adhesive, like most glue tape runners. Glue or glue sticks no no no never ever. too wet, messy a headache. I like having photo tape in case a photo rips. regular scotch tape is not good. I have seen lots of products come and go. I miss lots of them. I am not one to jump on the bandwagon of new products seems I tend to wait until it fades or is used awhile before I try it lol. Scissors have to be finetip for precision cuts. I love tools :) so many choices

SleepingBeautie said...

my first 'real' scrapbook was of our honeymoon to paris, and then i started to discover all the fun tools, lol! a hobby was born!